Cats that have been successfully adopted out to new homes

Myrtle Mudpuppy
Myrtle, better known as "Mudpuppy",was a happy girl and the leader among her littermates. She had no problems trusting people and loved being around dogs. It was an easy choice for a cat-loving couple to take her home with them.
Phoenix is a tiny kitten with very round eyes and a beautiful white face.  She was found with 4 of her siblings in a box in a parking lot.  Mama Chrissy, who was already nursing her own litter of 6 kittens, welcomed Phoenix and her 4 siblings. Phoenix's good looks made it easy for her to find new owners. She and a sibling went to their new home together.

Polly & Susan
Polly and Susan were found with their littermates under a parked vehicle for sale at a car dealership, with no mama in sight.  They were only 1 1/2 weeks old when they were brought to Love A Cat Charity.  

Polly is an unusual red-headed calico. It was her healthy cries that alerted the car salesman that she and her siblings were in need of help.  Susan is a petite calico who loves to "chat" with her humans. Her beautiful tortoise shell body is transformed by a white nose and paws. She's a little beauty.  Both were 2 of the most friendly cats at the Charity.

They were very lucky to be chosen by an visitor experienced in fostering cats & kittens, and went to their new home together.

Soda Pop
Soda Pop was found with his siblings on someone's lanai while they were cleaning. When they came to Love A Cat Charity, they had no problem fitting in. Soda Pop was very playful and loved to be carried around. When he was 2 years old he went to his forever home. The same nice people also took Fleur to be his companion.
Snuggles was a young adult male when he was found abandoned in a housing district.  By the way he was walking up to everyone and rubbing on all the dogs, it was apparent that he had been an indoor cat, with no outside survival skills.  Since he wouldn't last long if left alone on the streets, we rescued him.  When checked, he had no microchip and no diseases.  After being neutered he came to live at Love A Cat Charity, where he got along well with all.  His sweetness and love of cuddling won the heart of his new owner.
T.J. was named for the traffic jam he caused the day a loving lady saw his daring dash across Waialae Avenue in Kaimuki. T.J. had dashed into the wheel hub of a large truck stopped stopped near the lady. She jumped from her car and stopped traffic on the busy avenue as she and the truckdriver coaxed T.J. out of the wheel hub. Next stop - Love A Cat Charity! T.J. now lives in Wisconsin - quite a ways from Waialae Avenue!

Taffy was found in a guard's trap at a school. She was only 5 weeks old at the time and very scared. The guard was convinced to give her to Love-A-Cat, where she was cared for until she was adopted by a fifth grade girl who adores cats.
Tonks was found with 4 of her siblings in a box and was immediately welcomed by Mama Chrissy, who was already feeding her own litter of six kittens.  Tonks may have been the runt of the litter but her strong personality and healthy body often put her at the milk bar first.
Weasley was a mild screw tail male who will grow to be fairly large.  He was found with his mama and 5 of siblings in a box in front of a vet's office.  When he was old enough, Weasley went to a new home.
We brought home one very friendly pregnant female from the Airport colony, so that her babies could be raised indoors and adopted out of our house. One of those babies was Ziggy, who loved to sleep with people and ride around the house draped on your shoulder. Ziggy was adopted when she was 6 years old, by a couple who was looking for an older cat. The couple also adopted Lucy to keep Ziggy company. Both cats are very lucky and well loved!
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