Cats that have been successfully adopted out to new homes

Hauoli and his sister, Hana, were only 1 week old when they were found at a bus stop, crying and alone.  They were so young, their eyes were still shut.  Hau'oli is a mixed flame-point Siamese with light blue eyes.  Bottle-feeding and lots of handling had made these kittens fat, healthy and naturally trusting of humans.  Hau'oli was adopted by a couple who saw his photograph at the Pet Expo.
Helen and 2 of her siblings were found under a parked vehicle for sale at a car dealership with no mama in sight.  They were only 1 1/2 weeks old when they were brought to Love-A-Cat Charity.  Helen was a beautiful and angelic kitten.  And, despite a problem with her front right leg, which didn't seem strong enough to support her full weight, she was extremely sweet tempered.   While the other kittens played, she preferred to sit in laps and be scratched.  Although she walked with a pronounced limp, she was able to climb in and out of the litterbox and turned into an exceptionally sweet lap cat.  When a past adopter lost one of their two cats to kidney failure, they chose Helen to be the companion to the remaining sister. Helen's sweet, unassuming nature was perfect for getting along with an older, more aggressive adult.
Hermione was a beautiful little Tortoise Shell who was found with her mama and 5 siblings in a box in front of a vet's office.  While her mama nursed Hermione and her siblings, she also welcomed an abandoned litter of 5 more kittens.   After being weaned from her mama, Hermione, together with one of her siblings, found a new home.
Jimmy came to us from a vet's office, along with a sister and a brother. Jimmy was the smallest of the litter and has the most beautiful coat. He spends a lot of time right next to people - on the counter "helping" with dishes or food preparation or snuggling on laps. Jimmy is one of those cats you find rubbing on your legs just because he wants to be near you. When Jimmy was 3 years old, he was adopted by a lady who wanted a friend for her dog - Jimmy was the perfect pick!

Juniper & Nemo
After being with the Charity for five years, Juniper and Nemo were so lucky to find a new family. A vet friend who knows our operation well, referred this family after their beloved pet passed. The lady came to visit the Charity alone and so many cats loved her, making it obvious that she was truly a "cat person". After skyping with her husband to introduce the cats who chose her, Nemo and Juniper were "off to a new life" as much adored indoor cats.
Kitters came to us in 1995 as a 2 year old, when his previous owners moved. Kitters is a very snuggly and personable cat, with a sweet and gentle disposition. A vet we knew had a friend on an outer island who was looking for an adult white cat. We had sweet Kitters and we knew it would be love at first site. What a great situation for Kitters.
Ku'uipo and her babies were found at the Landfill location. This sweet mama also adopted Sammy Doodab, an orphaned kitten from another litter, as one of her own.  Her loving personality made her an easy choice to be adopted, even though she was already 4 years old.

Lilly was a fluffy little pie-faced kitten, found with her mama and 5 siblings in a box in front of a vet's office. While her mama nursed Lilly and her siblings, she also welcomed an abandoned litter of 6 more kittens. Growing up in such a big litter had a great effect on Lilly. After being weaned, she and her sister, ChoChang, went to new owners together.

Lucy and her sister were 1 1/2 weeks old when they were found without a mother.  Lucy is part tabby and part Abyssinian, which shows through in her golden tan undercoat.   Lucy developed into a healthy, loveable and playful kitten. She stayed at the Charity for 3 years before being adopted by a couple who had just lost their 2 cats. The couple first adopted 6 year old Ziggy, and then returned to find a companion. Lucy & Ziggy had lived together for 3 years so it was a perfect match!
Luna is a beautiful black and white female with gorgeous markings and a pearl pink nose.  She was found with 4 of her siblings in a box in a parking lot.  Mama Chrissy, who was already nursing her own litter of 6 kittens, welcomed Luna and the rest of her siblings. When she was old enough, Luna and one of her siblings went to a new home.
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