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“Mother of the Year, 2017” overcame her fear of people to let one kind gentleman bring her (pregnant) to us.  This gentleman knew she was escaping potential cruelty from a cat-hating neighbor who had killed previously.  She had six beautiful babies who are healthy and strong.
Shaniqua was trapped as a kitten in one of our colonies.
When the vet declared her too sick to be fixed, we took
her home and nursed her. A black female with white socks,
she loves to snuggle by your side as you sleep.

Soba and her family were rescued from Mayor Wright Housing. Soba was born very healthy and remains so today. Although on the smaller side, she has a very healthy appetite. Soba has a loud purr and loves to look deeply into your eyes.

"Socs" is a sweety and the largest of a litter found behind a beauty salon in Pearl City. Socrates is "in charge" of the kitchen floor if anything is going on at the sink or stove. He stretches out to his full length and makes himself quite comfortable while everyone else has to walk around him.
Sofie was a small kitten when showed up one day in a feral colony. It was apparent that she needed care for her eye. Although she'd eat daily, she wouldn't come near the traps. After much coaxing, we were finally able to trap her and take her to the vet. Unfortunately, it was too late and her eye could not be saved. Instead of returning a one-eyed kitten to the colony, she remains here at Love A Cat Charity. Sofie is very relaxed and comfortable with older cats and loves rolling over and over on her back.
This "relax kitten" was born in a group of four kittens at Honolulu Towing. These good people called us to fix the mom and an older kitten and take the babies. They said the last litter were all killed(except one) on the nearby road and they don't want that for the tiny babies. The babies had been handled by the employees so were VERY friendly. Spades doesn't rush for any reason. He moves slowly and usually toward whatever person is in the room. Laps and pets are such a pleasure for him.
Spanky and his siblings were rescued from a large animal charity when the head of that charity unexpectedly died. This family of kittens were well-loved at their previous home, so are very affectionate toward people. Spanky is a male tabby with white. He loves to spend time on the couch near your head or your feet, sucking on the nearest cloth as he purrs.
Squirt was part of a litter of three that was given to us. Squirt's one blue eye and love for humans makes him so special. He walks with a semi-hop like a bunny. He is unusual and beautiful. This sweet boy is a one of a kind who will steal your heart.
Stella was the only girl in a litter of four. She was tiny when she, her siblings and her mother were brought to Love A Cat Charity. She was the "calm presence" with her brothers, who have been adopted. Stella is so loving with those who care to take the time.
Sunflower was brought to us as a new mom. The lady who had been feeding her was amazed when this feral cat walked in an open door and chose to have her five babies on the lady's bed. Sunflower and her tiny babies were then brought to Love A Cat Charity. After she raised her own babies, Sunflower fostered a litter found in a dumpster.
Teddy Bear
Teddy was spotted in one of our colonies as a kitten with someone's collar on his neck (the collar was soon lost.). He would not trust us for months but when he became sick he seemed to think we could help and he came to us one day when we were feeding the colony. We brought him to the Charity to heal and now he can't get enough of people. This little sweetheart is young and healthy and just waiting for someone special to love.
Thelma is a beautiful calico who is on the smaller side, but she loves her kibble and promises to fatten up as she ages. Her bird-like call of joy can often be heard if she thinks someone might pet her or pick her up.
Tinkerbell was rescued after having been thrown roughly out of a car and left to suffer in a parking lot.  One of her eyes and a section of her tiny kitten face was hurt badly, but after medical care and time her scars are hardly noticeable.  She loves to snuggle closely with people when she sleeps and runs and jumps to the highest places she can find when she's awake.
Togo is a calm & sweet black fellow, whose mom came to Love A Cat Charity to have her babies. All were adopted except Togo. Togo rarely makes a sound and always knows when he's had enough to eat.
Tommy and his mama and siblings were all found at a landfill.  He's very trusting of people and seeks to stay close to them.  He loves to sun himself in the window where he often falls asleep, sometimes pushing out the screen to land in the yard.
Tulip is a beautiful, slender, mostly white kitty. She was part of a litter of three that was found by a hospice nurse who heard crying coming from a dumpster. When she gave us the babies, the nurse explained that it wasn't in her nature to ignore cries for help, so she jumped into the dumpster and rescued the kittens.
Twix was found with her sister, Truffles, in a school airvent.  Twix, a chocolate/black tabby, was the runt of the litter and is usually the last kitten to catch what's going on. She is, however, one of the dearest kittens. When she's picked up, she relaxes and lays her little head on your arm. She'll stay in that sweet position just watching the world for long periods of time.
Wendy was born here at the Charity when her mother, an unfriendly feral, was brought here pregnant. Wendy is a small female with beautiful grey fur that seems to be streaked with light (like her personality). She is very curious and loves to chase plastic balls. She has made best friends with Rosie and can be found napping with her.
Willy is so friendly he must have had human friends at some time. He found his way to one of our feeding spots near the airport and it was so obvious that he did not belong. Since there is fast car racing near that area, the friendly, laid back kitties don't make it. So Willy now lives in Love A Cat Charity's fenced area.
Wilson was found as a kitten on a tennis court. He loves people and dogs. He is a bit of a bully with other cats.
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