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P.C. was 10 months old when he was found on a concrete median in the middle of a 6 lane highway. He was covered in car grease and too frightened to move. It's unknown whether he escaped from a car engine or rolled under cars in traffic or what. PC loves people and has turned into a soft, sweet lap cat.
Penny is a brave little kitten who stood her ground with no fear the first time she met our terrier.  She is fast and LOVES to run and play.  She likes being held (for short periods of time) in the bottom of your t-shirt as you walk around.  She LOVES to steal human food. This kitten has personality!
Plato is curious and slightly clumsy. He is often wet because he slips off the counter's edge and falls into the water bowl (the same water bowl over and over again). It seems that Plato is not so wise. He is however, sweet and so soft. His beautiful coal black fur just shines from the good diet he eats.
Poi Boy
Poi Boy and his 4 siblings were 5 months old when they were trapped on the Punahou campus. They were brought to Love A Cat Charity to be raised and to wait for new homes. Poi Boy was the largest of the kittens. He has a white tip on his tail, which he proudly holds high as he walks.
Puka was rescued by kind visitors from the mainland when they heard his cries after he'd fallen through a drain grating. They were able to find a rope and loop it around Puka to save his life. Puka loves people and purrs often but is afraid of being lifted up.
Ranger Dave
Ranger Dave was trapped, to be neutered, in our colony but it turned out he was a super friendly fellow that someone no longer wanted (per the HHS).  Friendly ones don’t do well in feral colonies so Ranger Dave came home to live in our cat-fenced-in back yard.
Ray Ray
Ray is a little ray of sunshine. He purrs, trills and rubs as he just LOVES people. At dinner time Ray-Ray can be seen racing around the chopping island in the kitchen. He likes to take a couple of laps before eating.
Scarlett is the bold one in a fluffy litter found outside someone's condo. To be happy in life, she only needs a lap and someone to pet and feed her. She loves to nip at fingers if they aren't petting her just right.
Scotty was one of three boy kittens born by Cesarian section when his mama was having trboule giving birth. Scotty loves to lie in the sunshine, showing off his pretty orange and white coat.
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