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Tiny and sick, Mariposa was trapped accidentally with her mom while helping a feeder say/neuter in the Kailua Quarry. Mariposa is now older and very healthy. Although quick movements and new people sometimes frighten her, she is exceptionally sweet when she gets to know you. She adores lap sitting.
Mazzie was found as a newborn kitten, alone in someone's yard. She was fostered by Aurora, a feral who had four week old kittens. Mazzie has grown into a beautiful medium haired sweetheart with a fluffy tail and lovely Abyssinian fur. Her mild temperament makes her popular with other cats. She prefers to eat on a high spot.
Melanie was part of a fluffy litter found outside someone's condo. Melanie loves a lap and someone to talk to. She loves to nip at fingers if they aren't petting her just right.
Mercedes was a very friendly unfixed 7 month old kitten who was abandoned in one of our colonies. She eagerly came to us begging to "be our friend". We brought her to Love-A-Cat to have her fixed and to check if she had a microchip - nothing! Now she lives here and hopes that someone will want to adopt her as their "own true love".
Mickey D
Mickey D was born here at the Charity after his mother, an unfriendly feral, was brought here pregnant. Mickey D is one of the world's mildest mannered cats. In his mind there is no reason to get upset or excited. He knows it will all turn out well. He relaxes every chance he gets and loves to snuggle with a human or another cat.

Mindy and her brother two or three weeks old when they were found as tiny kittens stuck to the sticky surface of someone's rat trap. They were taken to a vet to get "unstuck" and then referred to Love A Cat Charity. Mindy has a bird-like meow and loves people. She can always be found napping on the nearest bed.

Misty was turned into the vet by someone who could not keep her. Misty has a delightful personality and is a very tiny cat - she weighs only 4 pounds!
Mozambique was born to a feral mama who was brought to Love A Cat Charity to have her babies in a safe place. Mozambique is a quiet boy who spends a lot of time just watching what goes on around him.
Musubi is such a sweet boy. He was born of a somewhat feral mom at Mayor Wright housing library. There was a hole in the screen and Musubi's inventive mama trusted humans enough to feel safe at the library. She had her kittens there and we were called when the babies started running about.
"Sissy" was the only girl in a litter of five kittens who were turned in by a feeder at a small mall where we had just finished spaying and neutering. Sissy is a sweet orange tabby who spends a lot of time trying to read the faces of her humans.
Nubia, a young and beautiful female, appeared at one of our colonies already pregnant.  She was brought to Love A Cat Charity to have her 6 babies in a safe plae.  Nubia has become quite friendly and enjoys being petted.
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