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Ike was left at a vet's office, along with a brother and sister.  Ike is still the largest of the three and loves dogs, other cats and being carried around by people.  He's a big orange teddy bear!
Jack's mom was an unfriendly feral who was brought to Love A Cat Charity pregnant. As soon as Jack could see, he began making his way toward the humans, against his mom's advice. He could never understand his mom's fear of these nice people who hugged and fed him.
Jesse James
Found near the airport, Jesse James was named after a robber because he'll always steal your heart.  He rubs, purrs and even trips you up as he assists with all dinner-making in the kitchen and all naps on the couch.
Julius and his 4 littermates were found on someone's lanai while they were cleaning. It's unknown how long they were living there, and when they were brought to Love A Cat Charity, they had no problem fitting in. Now as an older male, Julius is the very calm boss of the living room area. He remains a "lap cat" who teaches the kittens proper behavior.
Lau Lau
Lau Lau and his 4 siblings were 5 months old when they were trapped on the Punahou campus. They were brought to Love A Cat Charity to be raised and to wait for new homes. Lau Lau is a large confident and alert kitten.
Lilac was found one rainy night as a small kitten in a cat carrier which had been thrown into a dumpster. The hate that caused this horrible thing brought Lilac to the attention of a lady who ran a plant shop, for she used the same dumpster. The plant lady rescued the kitten, found our website and brought Lilac to Love A Cat Charity. Lilac loves her new humans and also dogs, but she is very frightened of strangers.
Little John
Little John showed up one day in a colony of fixed ferals. He walked right up and started rubbing on humans. He was much too small to be out in a feral colony so we brought him to Love A Cat Charity to live in the indoor-outdoor fenced area.
Louis is a loving kitty who came to Love A Cat Charity with his sister. He will be one of the first to be curious about you when you visit and will want to be petted and talked to.
Louise is a beautiful calico who loves to follow someone around until they notice her and then she is delighted to see a hand coming her way.
Luna is a feral kitty who was delivered to us with her small kittens (4 black and one Siamese). All but one of her babies were adopted so Luna and one of her sweet daughters live together here at the Charity.
Magic was trapped at the Airport colony to be neutered. We took him back to the colony to be released, but when we held the trap door open, cuddled against our hands and refused to go. Magic would make a wonderful lap cat.
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