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Chili is the loving, purring runt of a litter of five and one of orange triplet boys. Mother Sunflower was a feral who had trusted the nice lady feeing her so much that when she was ready to give birth, she walked into the lady's house and had kittens on her bed.
Chocolate is a friendly feral who showed up in one of our colonies. She may have been lost or dropped off by a human. Chocolate is a happy girl who enjoys being with other cats.
Chrissy II
This beautiful cat was brought to us from a nearby mall by the caretakers there.  She had an infection and was unable to heal in the colony.  She has since healed and plays in our kitchen with her best friend, Plumeria.
Clark is a "relaxo cat" who trusts and then trusts some more. He is loving and calm. He's never been heard to meow in protest or to act unsatisfied. He loves to nap with one of the oldest kitties here, Millie, who has problems remembering. She seems to love Clark's calming presence.
Curry is one of the sweet triplet orange boys born to Mother Sunflower who was a feral cat. Sunflower trusted the nice lady feeing her so much that when she was ready to give birth, she walked into the lady's house and had 5 kittens on her bed.
Dalilah was trapped at the Airport colony to be fixed. The vet thought she might be pregnant, so she was kept at Love A Charity to have her babies, which never came! Dalilah gets along well with other cats, but is shy with people.
Darla and her siblings were rescued from a large animal charity when the head of that charity unexpectedly died. These kittens were well-loved at their previous home, so are very affectionate toward people. Darla is a dilute Tortoiseshell. She sends her paw out to grab you if you walk close to her napping spot without petting her. Darla is very much a lap cat and likes to have her face close to yours, even giving your nose a love nip occasionally.
Diamond Jack
Diamond Jack was the "leader" in a group of four kittens born at Honolulu Towing. These good people called us to fix the mom and an older kitten and take the babies. They said the last litter were all killed on the nearby road and they don't want that for the babies. The babies had been handled by the employees so were VERY friendly. Diamond Jack loves to be carried around and loved on. Laps are such a pleasure for him.
Didley and his brother, Bo, were found at the Airport location. They were "dropped off" by someone and had no idea how to survive in a feral colony. They've become comfortable and now thrive at Love-A-Cat.
Dior is from a litter of three that was turned into a vet for help because they were found with no mama. Pretty Dior is mild mannered and one of the sweetest cats at Love A Cat Charity. She loves people without being pushy.
Dolly came to Love A Cat Charity with her brother. They were older kittens who needed care. While her brother loves everyone, Dolly is a bit less trusting of new people. She is soft and sweet and will work for kitty crackers.
DQ and her 4 siblings were found on someone's lanai while they were cleaning. It's unknown how long they were living there, and when they were brought to Love A Cat Charity, they had no problem fitting in. DQ, short for "Dairy Queen", is a true sweetie.
Eleanor ("Eli") came to us from a vet's office, along with 2 of her brothers. Eli has become a very sweet lap love and adores to nap with anyone who comes to the couch - canine, feline or human. You haven't napped until you've napped with sweet Eli on your lap.
Esmee was actually in a car on her way to be euthanized when a friend called and told us the situation. Although Esmee was an older kitten, she had not been handled much and would probably never be friendly. But that didn't mean she should die. She is a happy girl, loves other cats and is so beautiful to look at.
Foxy was found by a cat lover who already had 3 cats of her own.  When Foxy arrived, she had a contagious stomach ailment, so she was kept isolated for a few days.  Once she was healthy, she fit right in. This dreamy looking kitten is very small but not afraid to walk among tall dog and human legs.
Hana was found at a bus stop with her brother, Hau'oli, in March 2007.  They were about 1 week old, crying and alone.  With a little TLC, they became fat and healthy kittens. Hana has grown into a somewhat fluffy, totally orange tabby female with brown eyes. While Hau'oli was lucky enough to find a new home, Hana still waits for her own human to love.
Harper and her sisters were 9 week old kittens who were found by kind woman on her way home.  The woman put some cat food into the carrier that she carried in her car and left it out. The babies went inside, but when she lifted the carrier, the bottom fell off!  Although she managed to catch two of the kittens, the third one went running off, never to return.  So Harper and her sister were brought to Love A Cat Charity.  Harper has remained frightened by any fast movements or loud noises.
Haupia and her 4 siblings were 5 months old when they were trapped on the Punahou campus. They were brought to Love A Cat Charity to be raised and to wait for new homes. The tiniest kitten of the litter, Haupia is very sweet and alert.
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