Our Mission
Love A Cat Charity adds quality to the lives of unwanted cats by caring for feral and abandoned felines, spaying or neutering them, and when appropriate, adopting them to loving homes in an effort to help end euthanasia of healthy felines.

Feral Care
The feral life is a hard one and the average life span is about one and one-half years. Cats often find themselves pitted against disease, dogs, traffic and even angry humans. We are so grateful to those who feed our feral friends:  Anita, Johnna, Jan, Paula, Keri, Lauren, Linda, Sara, Pua and Kevin.

Over the years we have adopted out several hundred cats and kittens. We have given lots of advice to new owners and we have asked that these new owners make two promises that are not to be broken under ANY circumstance:

  • a) Kittens must be spayed/neutered before their six month birthday.
  • b) If a cat or kitten is no longer wanted that feline MUST be returned to us.

We have felt it was imperative to support these two promises by calling new owners before their cat's sixth month birthday to remind them of their promise and re-calling until the cat has been fixed OR, when necessary , going to get the cat and taking it to get fixed at our expense.

The second promise (b) is the most long term because it means we have promised to provide a home for each and every cat that we've adopted out. Some have come back to us and they have been re-adopted. Some have been returned and have not been adopted again. WE WILL PROVIDE A LIFETIME HOME WITH US FOR THESE CATS.

Therefore, our focus is providing a home and care for cats we've made a commitment to AND neutering and feeding colonies. We do, of course, still do some adoptions but we feel our home is near its maximum number of cats which we can care for in a quality way (with the funds available to us now), therefore, we limit the number of new cats we take in.

Love A Cat Charity is a 501(c)(3) organization (ID #99-0343475).

Report of Activities available upon request.