These cats are extremely friendly and people-oriented and therefore would make a good fit in any home.

RAY RAY is a little ray of sunshine. He purrs, trills and rubs as he just LOVES people. At dinner time Ray-Ray can be seen racing around the chopping island in the kitchen. He likes to take a couple of laps before eating.
NEMO was the fluffy one in a litter of three that was given to Love A Cat Charity. Nemo is so handsome and sweet and one of the softest fellows you'll ever pet. He loves to sit by a door until feeding time when he begins purring and rubbing for attention.
FREIDA was found in a parking when she was 1 week old. She was alone with no mother or other kittens around. She was scared at first, but she learned how to feed from the bottle. Since she was bottle fed she believes she is like those two legged people who love her. She loves laps and having her picture taken.
PC was 10 months old when he was found on a concrete median in the middle of a 6 lane highway. He was covered in car grease and too frightened to move. It's unknown whether he escaped from a car engine or rolled under cars in traffic or what. PC loves people and has turned into a soft, sweet lap cat.
ANELLA was barely an adult when she came to Love A Cat Charity. She came from a person who had to move from the islands and could not take his pretty cat with him. Anella adores people and wants nothing more than to sit and "cat chat" with you.
DARLA and her siblings were rescued from a large animal charity when the head of that charity unexpectedly died. These kittens were well-loved at their previous home, so are very affectionate toward people. Darla is a dilute Tortoiseshell. Darla is very much a lap cat and loves to have you pet her.
GEORGE was found with his sister in a box in a lady’s garage. He was so very tiny but has grown to be a fluffy part Persian love. Like many “bottle fed” babies, he believes he is human. He greets everyone as he has appointed himself Ambassador of Love.
ROSEY is a lovely orange "swirly" tabby. She was part of a litter of three that were found by a nurse in a dumpster. Rosie refused to "take the bottle" from us and seemed not to want to live until Sunflower, a mother cat who had just finished raising her own litter, stepped in to foster Rosie and her siblings.
THELMA is a beautiful calico who is on the smaller side, but she loves her kibble and promises to fatten up as she ages. Her bird-like call of joy can often be heard if she thinks someone might pet her or pick her up.
OTIS was 2 weeks old when he was found without a mama or other siblings. Although he had a drippy eye, he's in the best of health now and loves to jump, chase and play until he falls asleep.

Do you want a cat that's just past the "kitten" stage but still very young - a "sleep with you, read with you" love?  If so, one of these sweet cats may be for you!  All were hand raised here at Love A Cat Charity and are very accepting of people. Although a few are sponsored through virtual adoptions, these 1-2 year olds would love nothing more than a real home all to themselves!

Casper appeared one Halloween night during feeding time at one of our colonies. This trusting kitty began rubbing against the feeder's leg. Naturally sweet, Casper is waiting for someone who needs a cat to tell them what to do.
Puka was just a small kitten when he was found trapped behind the bars of a drain in the street. Some young adult tourists heard his cries, brought a rope and found a way to loop it around tiny crying Puka. After lifting him to safety, they took him to a vet. Luckily it was the same vet the Charity uses so naturally Puka came here.
Sabrina is a lovely calico who prefers men, whose deeper voices seems to calm her somewhat skittish nature. You only have to look into her beautiful face to see that she would like to trust you but she needs solid proof that you're a nice human.
Sofie comes from a colony we care for. As an older kitten, Sofie got into some trouble, perhaps a fight, and suddenly her eye became badly infected. The vet said her eye didn't have to be removed, however she would never see from it again. Because of this, colony life was not suitable for her and now she lives at Love A Cat Charity.

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